Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Obsessive Email Editing

I never just sit down and write an email. Often the process starts with an outline, followed by a first draft, 20 rereads of word edits/grammar changes/structure reworks, a final publication candidate, and ultimately only concludes after an extended period of hanging over the send button in a paralyzed state. Sometimes this behavior is more overtly ridiculous, as when I need only produce a quick response to a friend, but rewrite the single sentence half a dozen times, investigating all subtleties and nuances of every possible word choice and sentence permutation, until I don't even know what sounds right anymore. My silly justification - I wouldn't want them to take my nice intentions even minusculely negative on any level whatsoever! In these situations, when I pass my pre-print over to my editor Sarah for the final ok, she rightfully refuses to even look at it. In other instances where a review might actually have a small iota of justification, she doesn't necessarily play the editor role (though she does that for me sometimes too), but instead often opts for the role of pressing the send button before I have a chance to stop her. I'm so thankful she's not like me sometimes :)

Naturally, this behavior will show itself in any writing I do, so maybe this blogging thing is going to be bad for me? (yes, I of course tortured myself with this post)


  1. I am laughing out loud right now! You are so awesome Roice :)

  2. This sounds really familiar... Oh right, I do exactly the same thing.