Monday, September 1, 2008

We Can Fly!

Sarah and I spent Sunday taking an introductory hang gliding class with our friends Tim, Amir, and Sarah (Robbins - we try to maximize the number of Sarah's in our life). It was very exciting, and I am very sore today. We took our class from Jeff Hunt.

Sarah had this sweet sail on her 4th run down the hill.

I never landed as nicely as she did there :) ...which is probably why I'm so sore. Here are more photos we took.

Sarah and Amir took a bunch more nice photos as well.

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  1. I LOVE IT! Thanks for letting me know about you blog... and I'll forgive you for telling me 3 months after you started;) J/K So, I've been meaning to tell you that Colby really wants to have a baby brother and he told me about a week ago that he wants his middle name to be Roice. Oh, and he almost has the cube solved! He pretty much just needs help with the last corner combination. I think we have a genius on our hands. I'll definitely look at the article you sent and now that I've written a really long comment - I'll say goodnight. Love you bro!