Sunday, December 14, 2008

Magic120Cell Solved!

In a bit of a coincidence to the last post, the formidable permutation puzzle version of the 120 cell I published this year has been solved for the first time. Noel Chalmers posted this announcement to the 4D cubing group last night.  I have genuinely wondered if this might never happen, and as a result feel a strange urge to alert the press!

I am relieved the software held up to the task. His solution had over 33 thousand moves, which took about 40 minutes just to play back on my computer using the fastest move speed. It feels really good to have had a hypercubing enthusiast put that much effort into something I helped create.  A lot of love went into it earlier this year, and even as far back as 2006 when the hope of it was initially started, so it really is neat that an actual solution is now realized.

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  1. Yeah Roice! That is so awesome. And congrats to Noel. Colby almost has the 4X4 down - he wants to have it solved before you come visit in January... but really hasn't been working on it until just lately.