Wednesday, December 3, 2008

G3D Blog

I started a Gravitation3D blog this week.  Nope, I'm not masochistic and trying to burden myself with another project.  On the contrary, I did it after getting a flux of questions about the same time I read this article from a coding blog I like.  It took an hour or two to setup the new blog to a reasonable liking, but now every time I get a G3D question, I can answer it there instead of with an email (which would only shortly after be sentenced to a life term of solitude in my gmail).  I don't get a lot of emails about G3D, but over time this will probably make it even less so.  I figure this will bring me much closer to my lifelong goal of having no external sensory inputs impinge on my overly introverted self.

Why a wordpress blog this time instead of blogger?  I've discovered wordpress has support for LaTex, which allows nice display of mathematical formulas, and I think this will be important for some G3D posts.  There are roundabout ways to do this in blogger too (see herehere, or here), but I found this too troublesome - it didn't seem to work as well or look as nice as the native wordpress support.  

It's funny, since google gives you so much for free and at such high quality, I have found myself frustrated on more than one occasion when they haven't solved a problem for me that feels like it should be solved (like LaTex support for any html I publish).  Once I'm aware of this reaction, I realize it's a ridiculous sentiment, but I'd be lying if I said it doesn't crop up now and then (No good deeds go unpunished).

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  1. I'll be very interested in how you end up liking Wordpress as compared to Blogger. Looks good so far!